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Written translations are charged per page, measured by 1125 characters (a letter, punctuation mark,
digit, space)

Amount of fee for translation service provided for organs of public administration, court of law,
public prosecutor's office, the police is introduced by law and currently it is as follows:

1. for a page translated from English into Polish - 34.50 PLN
2. for a page translated from Polish into English - 45.11 PLN

Prices for translator's services provided for individuals are negotiated in the form of contract
with every client before the translation is made. Amount of fee depends on how complex or legible
the text is, how fast translation will be done, a number of services the translator is to provide at the time
and how much time the translation may take.

Fees for interpretation service are negotiable and agreed individually with every client.

Discounts are offered to regular clients!